Time Proven Processes, Checklists, and Training

To run at peak efficiency, your EDI and AS2 software must be configured correctly and completely. Just one missing component in the installation process can result in costly delays, re-work, and charge-backs. You need a solid plan and expert experience. DCS has both.

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has successfully installed or corrected incomplete installations for nearly every EDI and AS2 software system. Our proven processes ensure you receive fast, thorough, and error-free implementation of your EDI system. This is a result of decades of experience in understanding EDI standards, creation of solid maps for numerous trading partners, customization, documentation, and training.

Whether or not your staff knows EDI, DCS can get your business into EDI efficiently and economically. Our step-by-step process ensures a smooth implementation between you and your trading partners. Our DCS PROCESS™ methodology assures no oversights occur. It includes:

  • Review of your specific business needs regarding customer service, AR, shipping and other departments. We review all required maps, unique Trading Partner requirements (business rules) or any unmet customer requests. We use an EDI data analyzer to review 12 months of data (e.g. Purchase Orders) to ensure no special concessions obtained from customers over the years are accidentally lost.
  • Submission of a reliable estimate with firm delivery dates.
  • Checklists for each step from launch to deployment. DCS uses its own, continually evolving checklists to cover the gap between the EDI, ERP, and AS2 user manuals.  For example, DCS has a checklist for interviewing the customer service manager.
  • Reports of tasks completed. Using a simple and effective on-line service management system, DCS reports progress on each major task and minor to do on a real-time basis.
  • Internal protocols for mapping, trading partner configuration, firewall settings, and more ensure no steps are skipped and alternative methods are known to all.
  • Accurate testing processes, following our own detailed checklists of important steps such as setting paths and permissions, Trading Partner profiles, customer test mailboxes, and more.
  • Cut-over to production checklist to ensure users are prepared in advance and miss no steps.
  • Documentation for all maps, profiles, settings, scripts, and more ensure that your staff is self-reliant.
  • Deployment process includes training for I.T. and users; covering the voids between system user manuals. For example, operational checklists are updated 30 days after the cut-over to production.

Hiring the right experienced EDI team can make a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. Don’t take the chance of lost business, costly down time, or embarrassment with the wrong implementation. With the DCS PROCESS™ methodology and experienced team, we can take your company to the next level of productivity. We’ll do this with our solid development processes and expertise in EDI and ERP systems.

Your next step is easy; just contact DCS for a no-cost assessment.