Slow performance and frequent error messages are signs your EDI system needs a tune-up.  Just as slow acceleration tells you it’s time to have your car checked out, these signs tell you system maintenance is needed.  Preventative maintenance assures that you don’t miss key customer orders and more.

Your customer EDI requirements continually evolve and as volume grows your EDI system may not be keeping up.  Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can review every aspect of your EDI system to ensure it is configured properly.  We can automate your EDI, backup critical processes and offer continual support.  Re-configuration will help you adjust for your growing volume and its increased complexity.

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Processing slowed down
  • Increase in manual corrections
  • Breaks in connections (direct or through an EDI network)
  • Too many invoices rejected

The above disruptions are costly to your company, especially during peak times.  As growth occurs, there is an increase in trading partners reflected in increased volumes.  New requirements are needed to support requests from internal customer service, shipping, and other business units.  These requirements may go unnoticed by your IT or EDI departments because they are already busy meeting the day-to-day demands of current trading partners and colleagues.  Now is the time to smooth your EDI process.

Examples of Smoothing:

  • Inbound orders flow automatically, clicking on icons goes away
  • Part-number look-ups are maintained in the business application
  • Chargebacks from ASN’s not having PRO or tracer numbers disappear
  • Message receipts between the firewall – EDI – and the application tell you immediately of a breakdown

Your business processes are unique and your budget is tight, yet you must process EDI quickly and reliably at a time of high stress with a lot on the line.  The challenge is how to economically do this.  Our two day tune-up cures your headache and is a wise investment.

Our DCS EDI Specialist can remotely log-on, look at your configuration, and then submit a time estimate with priorities.  It’s a clear list of what can be done with what time and money can be saved. Some possible options include:

  • Update templates provided by your EDI system vendor
  • Database tuning, such as re-index and compress
  • Inactivate past customers
  • Archive off old data
  • Set email messages so you are alerted of errors quickly
  • Train users how to properly operate EDI (especially incorrect part-numbers and ship-to addresses)

DCS has been evaluating EDI environments and assisting customers in optimizing their EDI processes since 1991.  Now is the time to stop and evaluate your environment so it can be utilized to its fullest potential.  Contact us today for your EDI tune-up to ensure that your EDI environment is ready to handle continual growth.