Auto Notification of Failed EDI Processes

While integrated EDI can greatly increase accuracy, no system is bulletproof. Errors can occur from your trading partner, data entry personnel, or computer glitches. If these errors are not noticed, the consequences can grow exponentially.


The best way to protect your company from this is auto notification. Auto notification is a tool that allows users to be notified (by e-mail or pager) when an error occurs. An example is a failure to move inbound data into the sales order module. The e-mails can be directed to go to a specific person or any number of people depending on what is needed. Furthermore, the alerts can help to pinpoint the cause of the error.


Most EDI systems can be set up to provide auto notification. Our DCS Consultants are trained and ready to do the work for you. The investment required ranges from a half day to 2 days of consulting. The ability to know immediately of a problem without constant monitoring is well worth the investment.