Daily EDI Operations Monitoring

A EDI Success Story


Customer EDI Challenge

A DCS customer provides live flower and garden plants to home centers. Based in California, with nurseries in several North America different climatic zones, they ship to their customers in three very high volume seasons – spring, fall, and holidays. They are required to use EDI extensively with both their customers and LTL shippers. They use IBM’s Sterling B2B Integrator™, SAP, and Cleo’s VersaLex™ AS2 to provide maximum functionality and to handle the large traffic. They called DCS to monitor the process and provide weekly performance reports to management during the seasonal spikes in volume.

DCS Solution

DCS uses the existing SB2BI and VersaLex remote management console to check processes twice daily. Additionally, the automated error message system alerts DCS to selected errors immediately. The most complicated transaction was the outbound Shipment Notice (ASN, 856) due to the delivery truck making multiple stops at several stores. Another complication – a faulty firewall configuration complicated the communication set up, but offers very good security.


The EDI process automation is now running smoothly and the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the data flow are greatly increased. The time needed is about one hour daily. The faster response to EDI transactions provides a wider fulfillment window, quicker payment, less data entry error, and more flexibility in meeting increasing customer demands. DCS expertise kept the EDI operating cost down and keeps efficiency at its highest.