Test Results (Transaction Set 863) and Its Role in Product Safety

An EDI Success Story

EDI Challenge

A commodity producer needed to send Test Results to its key customers. The task was easier as EDI was already in place. The challenge was to develop an integrated solution that would automatically send the Report of Test Results (Transaction Set 863). This required creation of a temporary table and an extraction process, since the MRP system modules were not adequate for the unique business requirements.


Utilizing its proven “DCS PROCESS”™, DCS was able to list and describe the fields needed by the producers’ developer. Working jointly, to lower the project cost, the extraction process, business rules, and written procedures were developed. Sterling Commerce’s Gentran:Server™ for MS Windows Server™ was used. DCS performed the testing and setting EDI ID’s. DCS configured the system to differentiate between plants. This was necessary, since all plants send/received EDI transmissions to the same trading partners.


Safety has been enhanced. All of the customers’ expectations have been met or exceeded. They are able to send/receive EDI transmissions for five plants around the country through a single processing point. The final product has resulted in greater reliability and control for processing inbound/outbound data. The single processing ability has also enabled the client to have a faster response time to their trading partner requirements. Now, DCS provides on-going, same day support for any arising problems.