EDI For Non-Resale Suppliers

The pressure for EDI process automation rises.


Companies providing equipment or supplies to large merchants or manufacturers are now in the cross-hairs. Since their sophisticated and effective inventory management systems have proven effectiveness, their next tier of non-resale or non-production vendors will be linked.

Some vendors will fail to realize that manual and error prone uploads are too costly. Growing vendors know the time is now to accommodate a direct and automated ERP to EDI link. Fortunately your existing system and hard earned EDI knowledge can be used.

E-Commerce has brought evolutionary changes to the way business is conducted. Every traditional business process has been improved. The business areas impacted are:

  • Receiving Customer Sales Orders
  • Sending PO Acknowledgments
  • Sending Invoices
  • Receiving E-payments
  • Secure Internet data transmission
  • More

Most major U.S. and Canadian retailers and manufacturers are requiring that their vendors utilize these technologies.


Your existing ERP and EDI systems must be adapted soon to meet these evolving requirements. The process is straight-forward but not trivial. It should be broken into small, manageable tasks; from which valuable experience is learned. It is also wise to have expertise to avoid costly detours.

Our DCS remote support service and development service are standardized services to ensure thorough, quick, and economical solutions. DCS will speed up the process with our extensive experience with your EDI and business application. The first step is to contact DCS to set your no-cost assessment.