E-Purchasing for Supplier EDI

Send P.O.’s Accurately, Get Confirmations Fast by Adding Key Vendors

Improving Your Inventory Management Means Real Savings

Improving inventory management occurs through gradually improving processes.  Incremental automation of the document exchange boosts productivity. It alerts you to upcoming vendor failures to deliver on-time using supplier B2B.  EDI and other electronic methods enable quick and reliable sending of forecasts and POs that faxes and spreadsheets cannot do. For example, a quick and accurate PO Acknowledgement alerts you that an order will be short shipped or late shipped. Later, at the time of shipment, your distribution center is prepared because they receive the details before the shipment arrives.

Conversion to a new business process requires attention to very many crucial details. To maintain the peak efficiency consider outside assistance from veterans. Request our no-cost assessment and learn how Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can help you achieve a smooth cut-over and ensure your Supplier B2B continues to run smoothly.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send production vendors your Forecasts or Purchase Orders from your existing purchasing system such as SAP or Oracle. This benefits both parties – your company is able to plan better and vendors are alerted earlier.
  • Receive PO Acknowledgments (Confirmations) within 24 hours. Your staff then knows the details are accepted or can quickly seek another resource. This is the “killer document.”  Tedious data entry of confirmations is eliminated.
  • Optionally – Receive Shipment Notices. This confirms the promise is kept and alerts the receiving dock.
  • Optionally – Receive Invoices from vendors. This eliminates data entry and helps cap staff levels.
  • Optionally – Pay by EFT to better manage cash flow.

For small vendors, the exchange is with their existing EDI network, which hosts the webforms for them. Using their EDI network relieves you of the cost and obligation of managing a vendor web site.

There are few significant changes as the purchasing group works with their existing application such as Oracle’s E-Business Suite or EnterpriseOne or SAP’s All-in-One, not the EDI system. After a few key vendors are successfully implemented, buyers can negotiate for greater discounts as EDI provides a direct benefit to vendors and a high ROI.

DCS Consultants have experience with hundreds of ERP conversions and upgrades can speed up the process and avoid the many pitfalls that can arise. We do all the on-ramping. Best of all, DCS will teach you to become self-reliant in managing your automated EDI processes.

The costs of converting are:

  • Planning and communication with vendors
  • System development
  • Customization for each vendor
  • Testing
  • Training both users and the I.T department.


DCS Can Help you Improve your Inventory Management

Improving inventory management can be through EDI/B2B, which is more economical than a B2B network such as Ariba or Transcepta. The conversion to a new business process requires attention to very many crucial details. To maintain the peak efficiency consider improving upon your existing system and calling for outside assistance from veterans. Having performed numerous conversions, DCS can help you achieve a smooth cut-over and ensure your EDI continues to run smoothly.

Our DCS remote support service and development service are standardized services to ensure thorough, quick, and economical solutions. DCS will speed up the process with our extensive experience. Having an on call group of EDI specialists is a welcome comfort when working with new technology, especially when it involves business critical processes. The first step is easy, just e-mail us for your no-cost assessment.