Electronic Invoicing With EDI For Vendors and Customers

DCS can help you lower the cost of operation by automating invoice and payment processing using EDI. If your vendors or customers invoice you electronically, you can eliminate a manual step. Now is the time to consider EDI invoicing and processing. The systems and processes are mature, reliable, secure, and economical.


How Vendor-Oriented EDI Works:

  1. Receive invoices through EDI. This eliminates accounts payable data entry.
  2. Look to the existing payables screens for matches and exceptions from your receiving report.
  3. Set deductions if appropriate.
  4. Pay electronically. This ensures the cash flow is measured precisely (E-payment is optional).

How Customer-Oriented EDI Works:

  1. Send invoices automatically through EDI. This eliminates accounts receivable mailing.
  2. Look to the existing receivable screens for confirmation that invoices will be paid.
  3. Challenge deductions if not appropriate.
  4. Receive payment electronically.

The first step is to check your accounting or ERP system to learn if it has an EDI module, and then call us. Second, qualification is simple: ask the vendor or customer if they support X12 EDI (810) invoicing. They are likely to agree as they can eliminate mailing invoices.

A typical project for either takes about three weeks: one week for programming, a second week to contact and set up the first few vendors or customers, and a third to provide training to your staff and monitor the new processes. The accounts receivable group works with their existing application, not the financial EDI system, so little disruption occurs. After a few key vendors or customers are successfully implemented, you can get the rest on board by “working the list” over time.

Large banks such as Wells Fargo also offer payment services. For more information, read about Wells Fargo Invoice Manager™.



DCS knows financial EDI and can link existing EDI and MRP system. Adding a few vendors can be done quickly and economically to prove the concept. A roll-out of only 24 months can then automate most vendors or customers. Considerable savings and wider processing window can be achieved. Our DCS development service ensures your implementation will be smooth and your cash flow uninterrupted. The first step is easy: contact DCS for your no-cost assessment.