DCS’ NEXT LEVEL™ Conversion

Infor ERP
DCS has experience with many of the Infor products, including NxTrend™, MAPICS ™, Baan™, SyteLine™, BPCS™ , Lawson and others.

Oracle Applications
DCS consultants have deep knowledge of Oracle Applications™ integration. We also support NetSuite™ Hosted Applications.

SAP™ IDoc Integration
DCS has extensive experience integrating SAP IDocs with most EDI packages.

Sage ERP Solutions
DCS has a solid background with Sage products including MAS™ 200 & 500 and ACCPAC™ and ProERP™.

DCS knows that your customers will not tolerate disruptions in EDI as you convert to a new business application. Our EDI experience with hundreds of ERP conversions and upgrades can speed up the process and avoid the many pitfalls that can arise. Upgrading to the most current version of EDI and AS2 software should occur concurrently with your ERP system upgrade. The primary reason for conversion is process automation, which brings greater speed and responsiveness. The elimination of Sales Order data entry can prevent a need for more customer service staff. It also provides more accurate data and a wider fulfillment window.

Regardless of the ERP system you use, DCS has the experience to facilitate EDI integration. Best of all, DCS will teach you to become self-reliant in managing your automated EDI processes.



Business application upgrades are typically time intensive; just when you have many other conversion details upon which to focus. Most EDI and AS2 Software companies however, do not automatically link to business applications, so thorough testing is needed. For example, when developing new maps or making changes, DCS will perform testing until individual documents (Transaction Sets) are approved by your customers and internal users.

The costs of converting are the generic map development, customization for each customer or Trading Partner, testing, and training both users and the I.T department. To learn the effort needed, a Free Assessment is provided. From it, a task list and time estimates are provided. A part of the assessment is learning if the ERP system vendor has released a more robust EDI/EC gateway, supporting more transaction sets, segments, and elements for the Order-to-Payment cycle for Logistics.

EDI data is also frequently sent to a database instead of a packaged business application. Several DCS customers have moved data into/out of MS AccessTM, MS SQL ServerTM, Oracle 11gTM, and IBM Series iTM or DB2TM databases for subsequent processing such as reporting. Frequently, DCS customers can save by doing the report writing themselves. DCS role is to help with data table design for EDI data and then map the data into a database. Working jointly processes are swift and reliable.

For companies currently using non-integrated EDI, the primary difference is that users will no longer use the EDI system. For example, an INbound customer order will appear in the Sales Order module as if it already had been keyed. The PO is suspended until errors such as incorrect prices or missing ship-to addresses are corrected. This means customer service has more time to correct PO’s, which results in far fewer order changes or costly expedited shipments.

ERP Providers and Consultants

DCS is eager to work with your ERP vendor for the EDI part of a conversion. Our expertise is with the ERP system’s EDI/E-C Gateway; we do not seek non-EDI work. Our support and training is thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years support of the gateway, nearly all EDI systems, and you customer’s customers’ EDI and AS2 requirements.

Too often EDI is an afterthought or the time needed is underestimated. The result is that key customers’ orders are disrupted at the big bang. This disorder is highly visible and may overshadow many other successes.


Conversion to a new business application requires attention to many crucial details. Chances are deadlines are impending and progress is slow. To maintain the peak efficiency and minimize risk of disruption, consider outside assistance from veterans. Having performed numerous conversions, DCS can help you achieve a smooth cut-over and ensure your EDI continues to run smoothly.

For more information about EDI work we have performed on specific ERP systems, click on the links below or call DCS to learn more.

DCS has helped many companies implement and/or maintain EDI integration to their ERP system. Using a seasoned expert will save you time and headaches. Your first step is easy: contact DCS for your no-cost assessment.