System crashes are costly and embarrassing! DCS can show you how to best protect yourself whether EDI is on your server or in the cloud.  We can also show you how to automate back-ups and archive EDI data for disaster recovery on VM.  Finally, DCS provides training on how to perform maintenance and backups. Costly loss of productivity is minimized in the event of a system crash.

Tracking Down Lost EDI Documents

Too many hand-offs between the EDI system and the business application are undisciplined and error prone. The successful hand-off between data transmission, EDI, and business applications depends upon:

  • Receipts for messages – MDN’s and 997’s must be received and if not accepted, notifications should be forwarded.
  • Control numbers – checking sequence and duplicates can prevent errors early in the process
  • Proper alerts, which repeat until repaired – For example, the message “PO 98237 from partner Acme cannot be processed due to a missing item number. Contact partner to resend PO.” is important and must be re-sent until repaired.

The solution is straightforward, but not trivial:

  • Discovery and analysis at the MDN/997 level
  • Correction and testing
  • Clear and repeated error messages

Fortunately, your first step is easy. Contact DCS for a no-cost assessment on how we can help you with lost EDI documents.