Development Service

Prompt and Timely Completion of your EDI and E-Commerce Development Projects

Many growing companies rely on DCS to provide EDI and E-Commerce solutions. We show them how they can save money and grow their business with their existing system. Our team of seasoned experts are skilled in most systems, networks, and industries. They will provide you with solutions that will help you achieve your business goals. Since DCS does not sell EDI systems, networks, or outsourcing, our interests will align.

With development service, we work with you to review your current processes and show you how you can improve your EDI and E-Commerce assets. We accomplish this by:

  • Reducing the number of time-consuming and error-prone manual steps
  • Moving to secure Internet data exchange
  • Adding more customers
  • Adding more documents (Transaction Sets)
  • Adding new functions such as electronic purchasing, transport, and benefits

By reviewing and improving on your current processes, you’ll realize a return on your investment, measured in real dollar savings!


How DCS can help you with your project

Since 1991, DCS has worked with hundreds of companies with complex EDI environments. We will help you determine the appropriate level of proactive support needed to ensure development occurs within your budget.

The level of support from which you can choose ranges from full-time development to maintenance to on-call support used only as needed. In some instances, you may need:

  • Several DCS Consultants to complete a mission or time critical project. DCS can provide a blend of on-site and remote to reduce expense.
  • Remote instant access to expertise, which means morale eroding problems do not fester.
  • Team of in-depth skills for EDI, ERP, WMS, FTPS/AS2, and other systems.
  • “One-up” or “unique” requirements for you have likely have been solved for others.
  • Email alerts to you and your staff are properly set.

Our DCS Consultants can work with you on-site or remotely. We also have a roster of highly qualified contractors if required. Consider your peace of mind knowing that DCS will train your IT staff, customer service, and other departments to boost independence and self reliance.

Whether it’s:

  • Implementing a whole new system
  • Assisting you with upgrading your current system
  • Merging two EDI systems

DCS has the experience help you gain the maximum efficiencies – faster responses, reduction in errors, a wider fulfillment window, and decreased business cycles. We deliver on time.

New business documents (Transaction Sets) can be added in a day if maps/templates exist or within a few days to a few weeks if development is required. Our development service distills the experience of many DCS Consultants and thousands of successful EDI projects since 1991. We ensure your EDI implementation is smooth and that your key customers are satisfied. To get started, contact DCS for your no-cost assessment.

A DCS Senior Consultant is available to help you with:

  1. Meetings with customer service, accounts receivable, and other non-I.T. users to hear and evaluate their requests for improvement
  2. Planning for next year and new documents to exchange
  3. Training your staff to become more self-reliant

Our service spectrum is from monitoring to being your B2B manager.


Learn more!

You don’t have to be an expert in EDI and ERP systems. There are many ways that DCS can assist you, simply click on the links below to learn how!

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