Most Data Communication Solutions (DCS) customers want to be self-reliant for the daily operation of their EDI and Business-to-Business (B2B) document exchange.  Amano, the nation’s leading producer of time recording, parking, and access control system, needed to automate document interchange (EDI) with Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.  Management challenged I.T. and customer service to “prototype” that exchange to gain experience.  After the exchange with technically challenging Wal-Mart was proven; then other customers would be added.  To economically achieve automation, management required its I.T staff to be self-reliant.  Amano contacted DCS to provide customized, one-to-one training using the its EDI system, ERP system, and the its customers’ documents, providing “real life” experience for its staff.

Our EDI Specialist met with Amano’s staff to review their specific EDI and ERP systems and documents and together they created a customized course syllabus that was tailored to achieving their goals.

Amano’s Systems and EDI Documents

  • KBM business application with which EDI is linked
  • TrustedLink™ EDI system for the IBM System i™
  • Trade Grid Messaging Service™ EDI network (VAN)
  • EDI documents were:
    • Inbound Purchase Order (ANSI X12 Transaction Set 850)
    • Outbound P.O. Acknowledgement (Confirmation, 855)
    • Outbound Shipment Notice (ASN, 856)
    • Outbound Invoice (810)
    • Inbound Remittance Advice (820) (Not integrated, received and emailed to Accounts Receivable)

Amano’s EDI training course syllabus included:

  • Introductions and general concepts (data format and transmission method)
  • Daily operations and EDI requirements
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Map modifications and customizations
  • Secure Internet data transmission (AS2 or FTPS).

Training occurred over six, four-hour session. Some of the training was done at the DCS office in Minnesota, and other hours were done using GoToMeeting with the customer.  The return exceeded 100% when the customer’s P.O. price and discount errors were automatically caught.

More importantly, there was no disruption of Amano’s manual EDI or AS2/FTPS processes during the training sessions!

Contact DCS to learn more on how we can effectively train your staff to become self-reliant using your EDI and ERP systems and the documents you use daily.