As you return to work, your customers can be transferred to DCS (not abandoned).  This will ensure they receive uninterrupted support and permit you to focus upon your new job.  Since a good customer is valuable, DCS will pay you 15% of the services billed for 12 months.   Payment is made within 15 business days of the invoice date; payment is not dependent upon the customer’s payment to DCS.

Here are your requirements

  1. Introduce us to the I.S. Director, saying DCS is a nationally known firm.
  2. Describe the work done, such as map notes and scripts.
  3. Tell us the rate being billed.

Terms of the Transfer

  • For any customer referred to DCS, who becomes a customer of DCS within 6 months of the referral date, DCS will pay the referral fee of 15% of the services invoiced.  (The fee paid does not apply to direct expenses billed such as travel expense.)
  • The 12 month period starts with the first invoice issued by DCS.
  • You do not have to hand-off all your customers, only those you choose.
  • You will not perform any service for the referred company for a period of two years after the last invoice date issued by DCS.
  • DCS is not purchasing any assets nor assuming any liabilities.
  • Custom coding will still be owned and maintained by you. You will be responsible for all production down related issues unless assigned to another. After an assessment, it is possible DCS may take this responsibility should custom coding exist.
  • Upon request, DCS will provide copies of invoices.
  • You agree not to solicit for employment, employ or individually contract with DCS’ personnel (including employees and subcontractors) for a two-year period after the last invoice is sent to a referred customer. This restriction also extends to employees of the customer referred.
  • Any dispute shall be resolved by binding arbitration conducted by the National Arbitration Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The laws of the State of Minnesota shall govern the agreement.

  A good customer is valuable; you should be paid.