EDI Productivity from Lawson

DCS Can Help With a Seamless Integration

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) EDI Specialists have in-depth experience with Infor’s Lawson™ ERP system. We do integrations to IBM’s Gentran:Server™ and Sterling B2B Integrator™, GXS’ TrustedLink™, Biz™, Application Integrator™, and TIE KINETIX’s eVision™. We can help you determine if you can integrate with your existing EDI system or suggest compatible EDI systems.   Our EDI Specialists can help you set direct, secure connections to eliminate pricey EDI networks. Note: ION™ does not have X12 and EDIFACT capability, so an EDI system is needed.


Integration with Lawson for document exchange such as enrollment is straightforward, but not trivial. The challenge is activating several dozen correct fields among the hundreds available for each document and direction. The interface structure can be complex and difficult to tackle. For example: custom rules, user exits or scripts are frequently used when mapping to/from the interface.

DCS EDI Specialists work with the three components of reliable and economical EDI:

  1. The EDI gateway
  2. Your existing EDI system
  3. Secure Internet data transmission (AS2 or FTPS)

EDI too often is an afterthought during a Lawson implementation, or comes up suddenly as an “on demand” project requested by a vendor or an insurer that needs to be completed yesterday. In both scenarios you are forced to piece together a workable solution quickly. This is something that you must do well and ensure best business practices are being followed, since future development is built on this foundation. DCS has over 20 years of experience with IBM System i™ EDI.

Where does EDI link to Lawson?

  • Accounts Payable – Vendor invoices are loaded within minutes of being sent by the vendor. This provides more time to scrutinize the invoice for the correct price and discount. (Some look-ups can be automated too.)
  • Human Resources – Benefit enrollments and changes are automatically sent to a benefit provider (such as Blue Cross for health insurance or Wells Fargo for 401k/IRA). The transmission meets HIPPA requirements for secure, direct transmission. (Some responses from the provider can be automated too.)
  • Material Management – Confirmations of orders are loaded within minutes of being sent by the vendor. This provides more time to second source if the vendor will late ship or short ship. At the time of shipment, Shipment Notices alert your receiving dock to be prepared before the shipment arrives.
  • Analysis – Contract administration is highly accurate and loads promptly within minutes of being sent by the vendor. This provides more time for a thorough analysis and report.
  • Healthcare Providers – Claims and payment flow in real time. Eligibility can also be loaded when an entire refreshment is needed.


Let DCS help you build your EDI foundation or add more process automation by setting up Lawson’s EDI/E-C Gateway. We recommend our DCS  NEXT LEVEL™ Conversion service.


  • Most of the US companies requiring X12, EDIFACT, or GS1 (standardized XML) are well known to DCS.
  • Popular transaction sets such as Outbound Enrollment (834), Outbound PO’s (850), Inbound P.O. Acknowledgements (Confirmation, 8555) Inbound Shipment Notices (ASN, 856), Inbound Invoices (810), Product Activity (844 or 867, for contract administration) and Claims (835 and 837) have been implemented many times.
  • DCS experience extends to the add-ons for Lawson created by the above EDI systems.
  • Data transmission set up is a specialty of DCS. Connections using EDI INT AS2 (HTTPS in batch mode) reduce cost by elimination of pricey Value Added Networks (VANs).
  • DCS EDI Specialists are experts with the EDI/E-C Gateway. Unfortunately, many Lawson developers do not have experience with EDI.
  • Finally, DCS has helped many companies convert their EDI from lesser MRP systems to Lawson throughout the country.


Your mapping will be thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years of EDI experience. Having DCS develop the first few Trading Partners and data transmission set up lowers the cost of implementation and hastens payback. Using a seasoned expert who knows EDI and the Lawson EDI/E-C Gateway will save you time and headaches. We are eager to work with your Lawson consultant too. Our experience is with the EDI/E-C Gateway: we do not seek non-EDI work.


Your first step is easy, contact DCS for your free assessment.