Having Trouble with the B2B or EDI Part of Your Application?

Let Us Show You How with EDI

The time needed to set B2B process and EDI is underestimated.  And, it is discovered too late. This disorder is highly visible and may overshadow many other successes.

We can help you promptly provide a wider array of profitable services to help your customers.  This can be done most quickly because DCS has a time proven partner program.  For example, to set relationships properly there are business issues that need to be addressed at the on-set.  Since they are sensitive, the temptation to raise them later is strong.

  • Let us be your expertise for standardizing XML (GS1 and OAGi)
  • DCS is easy to do business with.  Friendly, prompt, alert early, report clearly.  We minimize the time needed for you to communicate/manage us by internally monitoring these traits.
  • We know our place in the food chain.  The customer is yours. We do only EDI and AS2 work, we do not seek other work.  The customer is yours, even if you want us to bill directly.  (If direct, we pay you 15% of the first year’s invoices for services.)
  • We will make you look good, and we will take more than our share of the blame.

A Note to ERP Providers and Consultants

DCS is eager to work with you for the EDI portion during a conversion.  Our expertise is with the EDI/E-C Gateway; we do not seek non-EDI work.  Our support and training is thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years support of the gateway, nearly all EDI systems, and your customer’s customers’ EDI and AS2 requirements.  DCS has helped many mid-sized consultants and our revenue rebate helps your profitability.

You cannot know all aspects; we can help. Ask about our no-cost assessment.