DCS Customized to Match Your Specific Needs


DCS offers customized HIPAA EDI training to match your specific needs. Our EDI Training Service¬†ensures you receive expertise with your EDI system, your billing system gateway, and with your payer’s requirements. This means you will become an expert in the entire claim-to-payment cycle. The skills you learn will help in all aspect of e-commerce.

  • Free assessment of your specific needs
  • We can match you up to an EDI specialist with the specific skills you need as well as topics such as AS2, and integration.
  • Onsite or Remote training.
  • We can identify and offer solutions to your unique challenges during the session Only $5000 per week (plus any travel expenses), regardless of the complexity or the number of employees you want trained
  • Follow up support with your instructor is only a phone call away, with affordable hourly rates.

Why Invest in DCS Training?

On-going training is a crucial component to maintaining successful HIPAA compliance. Whether the key players are novices or experienced users, a customized tailored training session from DCS can help keep the organization functioning at peak efficiency. The sessions can be conducted on-site at either a workstation for a single individual or in a classroom environment for a group. Or, if done remotely, can be performed around your schedule over several weeks.

Training can be provided for something as basic as “What is EDI” to something as involved as “Integrated Mapping.” Since each person in a group has differing goals and skill levels, time is spent with each while others work on exercises.

The Training Process

DCS’ training curriculum is based upon years of training expertise. The first step that DCS takes prior to formulating a training plan is to determine the audience, the level of the audience’s background, the intended subject matter, and the depth of knowledge required upon completion of the EDI training. A short assessment of your system helps us to learn the specific challenges and design a training plan that covers the topics you need and not the ones you don’t.

Building upon similar training requirements, DCS customizes a training plan to meet your needs. Our previous training/presentation sessions span the entire spectrum of EDI topics. Custom tailored training to your unique requirements is more efficient and cost effective than classroom training, which lacks the “hands on” assistance we can provide. As a plus, some troubleshooting occurs simultaneously. After the training, you can call on DCS with follow up questions on an as needed basis.

A typical course syllabus entails:

  • Introductions and general concepts (data format and transmission method)
  • Listing of needs
  • Healthcare documents and AS2 overview and management of high volume EDI
  • Mapping set up, configuration, and customization.
  • Trading Partner and Community set up
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Secure Internet data transmission following the EDI INT AS2 specification
  • EDI administration and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting data and communication issues


Whether one or several individuals need to be trained, it is cost efficient to have DCS provide the training. Unlike generic training sessions, the EDI training provided is customized to meet the exact needs of the recipient. The unnecessary costs of travel and time away from work can be eliminated with remote training options. Plus, recipients avail themselves to on-going support with the specialist who provided the EDI training to them. The benefit is no more highly visible EDI challenges. The next step is to email DCS for your FREE assessment.