Rx ASN “Pedigree” Changes Needed? DCS Consultants can help!

Emerging and conflicting requirements to report all “touches” to a product can be met by re-configuring the Shipment Notice (ASN, 856) sent to key customers. Done properly, the cost is minimal and the ROI high. Typically, changes are needed in both the ERP and EDI systems. We provide directions to your developer and changes to your ASN structure.


More information must be sent to conform to new requirements. DEA and state license numbers must be sent for each location that processes or warehouses a product. Also, lot numbers, contact information including e-mail addresses, and other information are now required for the manufacturer and all wholesalers involved in the supply chain. This may be communicated in PER segments in the ASN. This information must be captured from your supplier and forwarded in the ASN.

Pedigree requirements for Florida are unique, conflict with California’s requirements, and may be different from the emerging federal standard. DCS recommends that the configuration of both the ERP and EDI systems be limited to meeting Florida’s requirements at this time. Yet, the likely changes are known so the architecture should allow for future implementation.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that any ERP system (including SAP) can do it by mere configuration. Custom code in the user exits is required to obtain the expiration date, the originating manufacturer, and more.

If your company sells any products it does not actually manufacturer, this is fundamental code. Not all is lost, as your business analyst should be about to configure the message control to generate the outbound, intermediate file.

Finally all major distributors such as ABC or McKesson; mass merchants such as Walgreen or RiteAid; or the VA have little quirks like state license numbers that may need to be included in the ASN.

The role of EDI and Electronic Commerce is to speed up the process and reduce errors by sharply reducing data entry. The Rx ASN truly can be automated.


Creation of sound ASN’s will eliminate chargebacks and calls from irate, key customers. This task must be done properly, to minimize the project cost. DCS knows the challenge and can provide thorough, quick, and economical solutions due to our experience with Rx ASNs. On-going improvements are also easier when DCS is there to assist as needed. Your first step is taking advantage of our no-cost assessment!