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Key Vendors Complaining B2B Cost is Too High?

Start Connecting Directly

The cost of B2B or EDI communication is real for vendors and is paid by you in higher prices. What once was an easy and economical decision – off loading the cost by using an EDI network – is changing as they cannot absorb the cost in the long-term. The cost is real, it must be paid by either another merchant, you pay it, or the vendor is not viable. Perhaps it is time to consider capping your B2B or EDI cost for your key, Top 50 vendors by returning to direct connection.

The “killer document” is the P.O. Acknowledgment (855) that your policy must require a return within 24 hours. Your merchandise managers then know the details are accepted or can quickly seek another resource; reducing short-shipments or late shipments.

Your business is unique so connecting to key vendors must accommodate your time-tested business processes. Fortunately, with the advent of purchasing and inventory management modules in your business application, ETL gateways exist. These can be mapped to an EDI system in less time than before because comprehensive maps exist. These can be readily customized to exchange the data and codes your processes require. Merchandise managers will continue to use their screens; not knowing if the orders are sent directly or through a network.

Take Advantage of DCS’ Experience

Since setting up EDI is straight forward but not trivial, it is best to reach out for experienced professionals. Our experience with other merchants and your business application ensures speedy implementation at a low cost. We recommend DCS development service that provides prompt and timely completion of your EDI and E-Commerce development projects for vendors, transporter, insurers, and government.

With our expertise, DCS can thoroughly, quickly, and economically configure your gateway and EDI system. DCS will assist by:

  1. Helping select an EDI system
  2. Installing it
  3. Linking it to your business application
  4. Testing the installation
  5. Training users and the I.T. staff.

Your first step is easy; just contact DCS for your no-cost assessment.

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