Manual Processes Must Go

Evolve Using Your Existing  EDI Systems

The costly paper trail of student information and transcripts needs to be eliminated through automation of exchange. In education, information is now moving electronically, but exchanged by print and mailing. The current process takes too much time and is not an economical or environmental solution. Head count must be capped, yet the work needs to be done without the errors of manual entry and distribution. To adapt, you must integrate carefully and economically with EDI for the best results.

Impacting Students and Employers

When students begin looking at colleges or are planning to transfer, their transcripts must be moved with ease. Sending a transcript on time can make or break a career or school move so speed and accuracy is of utmost importance to students

Employers or student’s prospective employers also need accurate and timely received records from a wide variety of students to ensure their candidate selection is the best. With the use of a Request for Student Educational Record (146), school systems see the request and send back a Student Educational Records (130) promptly because all the needed student information is in one location. This process accelerates employment offers, as well as student transfers, with accurate and timely information. The need for review and re-keying of information is eliminated providing faster responses for both systems.

Integration and development must honor the time proven processes and yet offer cost savings for reliability and economy. With the proper setup, your EDI system can eliminate the need for numerous steps taken to complete the applicant’s file. Information can be sent directly from your system to the recipients with accuracy and security.

Processing Student Documents

With direct paths, improved accuracy of student documents will greatly impact your process with fewer errors that need to be corrected and then resubmitted. Your cumbersome process will become more efficient with less keying and re-keying of information, while also eliminating paper-based processes and documents helping the environment. Automation’s additional benefit of confidentiality is essential for secure exchanges of sensitive information for only the intended recipient.

The challenge is integrating different applications such as student records and accounts payable into your system. Fortunately, the national standards have been in place for many years in both X12 (SPEEDE/EXPRESS) or GS1 (standardized tag XML) formats. The best solution can be a combination of automation for high volume documents such as transcripts and a manual WebForm for low volume documents. It is also likely that your student record and payables system have an e-commerce module upon which you can build.

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