Wal-Mart and AS2 Processing

DCS EDI Consultants Can Help Meet Wal-Mart Requirements!

EDI Challenge

This DCS customer needed to meet Wal-Mart requirements. Primarily, that vendors implement secure internet data exchange conforming to the EDI INT AS2 protocal to replace unsecure communication methods.

DCS EDI Solution

DCS assessed the various Drummond Certified AS2 options available, including the software offered to Wal-Mart vendors with only a small annual maintenance fee. DCS analyzed how well the various solutions would integrate with existing EDI solutions and recommended two alternatives for two different scenarios. One solution for Wal-Mart vendors with no other foreseeable AS2 trading partners and one solution for vendors that expect other trading partners to request AS2 processing in the future. After the customer selected a solution, DCS implemented and tested the process, and trained users on the new process.


The customer was able to meet Wal-Mart’s expectations well ahead of deadlines and realized the benefits of the nearly instantaneous data integration with their valued trading partner. DCS has worked on over 15 Wal-Mart AS2 projects as well as Home Depot AS2 projects and others. Now, as new requirements emerge, DCS same day support keeps key customers happy.

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