A Sportswear Company Improves Gentran Processing

DCS Did a System Upgrade, Then More Integration

EDI Challenge

A sportswear company that was using an old version of Gentran:Director™ came to DCS with several EDI challenges and requirements. The company was experiencing explosive growth in the volume of EDI transmissions it was transmitting and in the number of customers requiring EDI documents. They needed DCS to design an EDI solution that would integrate their EDI requirements and be able to accomplish seven major tasks/processes to include:

  1. Handling the increase volume of EDI transmissions,
  2. Processing bulk orders which came several months in advance, then tracking DC and store orders to show the remainder.
  3. Processing Purchase Orders (850) that had a five day shipping window and required “cross docking” using SDQ segments for the destination location.
  4. Incorporating GS1-128 “Bar Code Labels” for shipping,
  5. Accommodating several less common EDI transactions including a “Request for Routing Instructions” (753), a “Routing Instruction” (754), and a “Point of Sale” (852).
  6. Communicating their EDI transmissions via an and AS2.

DCS EDI Solution

The solution that DCS EDI specialist designed consisted of several steps to include:

  1. Upgrading the EDI system from Gentran:Director™ to Gentran:Server™ for Windows server using a VM partition. The newer translator would more readily accommodate the increased volume of EDI transactions and Trading Partners set-ups.
  2. Creating several inbound and outbound integrated maps which automated the data entry process and eliminated the manual data entry of the EDI transmission.
  3. Installing software to print required Bar Codes Labels. The goal was automatic scrutinizing of prices and discounts.
  4. Installing WS FTP_PRO™ and writing several scripts, to send/receive EDI transmissions to the VAN (Value Added Network) via FTP, because some customers continue to require a VAN.
  5. Installing Alligacom’s Net-Transfer™ to enable the client to communicate EDI transmissions via AS2. All EDI traffic has now been moved away from pricey VANs.  The time needed was about 500 hours spread over 24 months to level cash out flow.


The DCS EDI Specialist has provided on call EDI support and development for this sportswear company for many years. Not only for development and problem resolution, but to provide ongoing training. Due to growth, DCS has helped to recruit and train in multiple EDI coordinators and continues to be a phone call away.

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