Gain the competitive edge for tomorrow

The mass merchant’s latest demand is pay-by-scan which allows suppliers to place more inventory at retail sites to reduce out-of-stocks. Pay-by-scan is similar to consignment sale, but better due to the accuracy of today’s point-of-sale technology. You maintain ownership and control of your goods until sold at the checkout. Once scanned, both the sales report and an invoice are created by their EDI system and sent to you for scrutinization and compensation.

Big names, such as Walmart and Home Depot, have driven the pay-by-scan technology and are requiring suppliers to make the switch to boost their competitive position. Most other merchants will soon require this too.

DCS can help you with the switch by:
1. Describing pay-by-scan benefits and pitfalls.
2. Importing point-of-sale data into a database from which sales activity reports can be created by you.
3. Receiving and printing debit memos that detail the quantity sold, cost, and retail for each store weekly.
4. Training users and the I.T. staff.

All the responsibility of maintaining the inventory stays in your hands, providing the most control possible. You know what your inventory is at all times and are able to adjust supply and demand gaps as needed.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and pay-by-scan are developing a better understanding of your shopper’s behavior. With collaboration from retailers, you are able to make decisions based on the data for time tested success. This drive is beneficial for both parties as it holds the value of the customer’s needs highest.

No sales or profits are lost with a better data flow from your mass merchant customers using EDI formats and pay-by-scan.