EDI Capability for a Vendor to Home Shopping Network

DCS Meets EDI Challenge and Integration with UPS WorldShip™

This DCS customer had a high volume customer (HSN) that was sending thousands of  Purchase Order (850) documents every sixth week. They also required ship notices (856) and invoices (810). The vendor needed a solution that would also integrate with UPS’ WorldShip™.

DCS EDI Solution

DCS developed a positional flat file layout for each document that would be read into a Microsoft SQL Server™ database with a Visual Basic™ front end. This in turn, flowed to UPS and the GoldMine database. Outbound documents to the customer flowed from Gentran as an EDI document.


The customer would not have been able to trade with the Shopping Network  if they had not enabled themselves to handle EDI. Also, by making the upgrade to Microsoft Home SQL Server™ and moving to an FTP connection, the DCS customer saved hours of connection time and VAN charges. DCS EDI expertise with the unique fulfillment processes of home shopping retailers ensured the project was done quickly and economically. Little support is now needed from DCS, but is quickly available as new challenges emerge.

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