A Distributor Tackles Dot Com EDI Challenges

DCS EDI Consultants Provided Vendor Direct to Consumer (V2C) EDI to Boost Productivity!

EDI Challenge

An entertainment media producer met the challenge when EDI had to be adapted for a dot com client. Their time tested processes had to support much higher volumes. The two key challenges were:

  1. Each consumer order required an EDI order, shipment notice, and invoice
  2. Added fields, such as “Signature Required” complicated the integration

The challenges meant changes to the EDI and business application. Fortunately, low cost, secure Internet AS2 data transmission was already in place.

DCS EDI Overview

When the relationship with the dot com client matured, the client’s sales force was aware there would be more EDI orders, but assumed that one PO would cover many shipments. They later learned that an order would be needed for each Ship-To address (the consumer’s home address). This meant a weekly tsunami of orders, each generating a shipment notice and invoice and they had only a small window to get it done. For the peak holiday months, hundreds of orders are received daily, so they had to be prepared.

The new information they would receive needed to be mapped in the EDI system and also configured in the ERP system. For example, the TD505 segment brought about 5 new codes. Here are two examples:

NS No Signature Required

SG Signature Required

Although the new requirements surfaced just before the first orders were due, they were not too high of a hurdle. As a plus, the same segments and codes are used by most dot com merchants, so the changes made meant the client could roll out to subsequent dot com merchants quicker.


The requirements of the dot com client were fortunately met quickly, as time and visibility were key. DCS EDI consultants were able to upgrade thoroughly, quickly, and economically in two weeks due to our experience with their EDI system, business application, and their key customers’ EDI requirements. Knowing exactly how the new requirements must be integrated and how automated processes changed meant the client was ready when the first orders arrived.

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