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DCS has compiled a list of merchant companies that are currently EDI-active. View our list to see if any of these companies are a key customer of yours. Contact Data Communication Solutions (DCS) today and we can ask the company’s I.T. department (not the buyer) for their EDI guidelines to get the process started.

As a GS1 member, DCS knows your industry and it’s specific requirements. We bring you the most up-to-date knowledge with our weekly blog post, best paired with our years of experience.

DCS is Your Expert  EDI Consultant

Companies producing and importing goods for mass merchants and specialty stores are encountering the next evolution in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). With process automation for customer orders, shipment notices, and invoices proven and stable, the future is now for merchants whose complex requirements must be fully met.

Accurate, quality data is an important facet in any business, especially when dealing with merchants and distributors. It becomes an expected requirement that can interfere with a company’s goals if not performing properly.

  • Automating order entry processes give more time to closely scrutinize orders for the correct price, discounts, and promotion end date without adding head count.
  • With proof of delivery options, automation of data entry, lookups, and other essential tools the process is simplified for preferred outcomes.
  • For shipment notices (ASN, 856), your ERP system and transportation’s system can be configured for automated import of shipment information such as PRO or tracer information and weight or cubes.
  • For invoices, learn immediately of rejection so a faulty invoice can be corrected.

If some customers are already automated, consider adding more, including distributors. The decision criterion is transaction count. A high number of orders or part numbers can be time consuming and allow for errors to arise. If you haven’t asked customers for EDI, you are experiencing “blinders” because it does not mean they are not EDI capable. Any non-EDI customer or distributor is a prospect for automation, which is easy for DCS to find out.

Also, save with a direct, secure internet connection to eliminate pricey VAN fees using AS2 or FTPS. Several mass merchants including Wal-Mart and Home Depot are now requiring data transmission using AS2 for its secure transmission with data security. This provides better control and reliability as software resides on both sides that can monitor data traffic. Various software packages are available to handle the encryption, communication, and receipt verification required by this standard protocol.

E-Commerce has brought other revolutionary changes to the way business is conducted, impacting and improving every traditional business process, including:

  • Drop ship to stores or residences – for fulfillment automation
  • Pay-from-scan – for consignment sales
  • Data Synchronization (GS1, formerly 1SYNC) – for correct prices and discounts
  • Public Warehouse and Remote Warehouse Connection – for timely movement orders
  • Product Identifiers (RFID, UPC. GTN) – for precise product management

Location Identifiers (GLN) – for precise traceability


DCS Consulting Can Help

Fortunately, Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can utilize your existing system and hard-earned EDI knowledge to meet the demands of your industry. Your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and EDI systems must be adapted over time to meet these improving requirements to keep your business competitive. It is wise to have expertise to avoid costly detours. Our specialists possess that expertise from working with many customers that sell to Wal-Mart and Home Depot. The next step is to email DCS to set-up your no-cost assessment.

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