Need to Minimize Benefits Administration Cost?

Automatically Provide Status Changes to Providers!

Frustrated with slow and inaccurate web forms from  benefit providers such as Blue Cross and Wells Fargo?  Need to be sure your data and theirs match exactly?  Need automated data load to eliminate tedious data entry?  Improvements to these issues are economical and reliable when you link your existing EDI system to SAP Human Resources using the SAP Benefits (PA-BN™) component, which uses the BENEFIT3™ .IDoc.


Deeper accuracy is required, yet the cost of sending enrollment information from the HR or HCM module to the benefit provider must be reliable, secure and economical.  The lowest cost can be obtained by using your existing JD Edwards, E-Business Suite XML or EDI gateway; modules designed for tight control of H.R. records data transmission.  Conform to your company’s time proven procedures for secure, reliable, and economical document exchange and HIPAA requirements by using AS2 for data transmission.  This platform will help you be ready when new requirements emerge such as the code for the Social Security number of a dependent over age 45.  This automation will provide your team more time to closely scrutinize your invoices, saving you both time and money!

Here is how your new process will work to send the most accurate personnel information:

  • Approve the change
  • Send data immediately in real-time
  • Receive a message receipt from the benefit provider
  • Learn of errors automatically

DCS EDI consultants are eager to work with you when adding the human resources module. This brings more value to your investment.

Our support and training is thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years support of the gateway, nearly all EDI systems, and the key benefit providers’ EDI and AS2 requirements.

The investment is approximately $9,800 to launch, plus $2500 per benefit provider.  (These are one-time costs, no per month or retainer charged.)  This low investment will provide you with higher accuracy at a lower cost when compared to an erroneously paid premium.


When you move to SAP Human Resources module add EDI integration to achieve the highest return on your investment.  DCS EDI consults will link it thoroughly, quickly, and economically due to our many years of EDI and SAP experience.  Have DCS EDI consultants set the first few providers, then train your I.T. staff  to set the subsequent providers will lower your cost of implementation and hastens payback. Using a seasoned expert who knows EDI and the IDoc gateway (which most SAP developers do not)  will save you time and headaches. Your first step is easy; just email DCS for your FREE assessment.