Are You Facing Apprise EDI Challenges?

DCS EDI Specialists Can Help!

Data Communication Solutions’ (DCS) experience with importers and packagers shows that compliance is paramount and that reliable and economical EDI is a foundation upon which it is based. Whether you serve mass merchants using X12 EDI or specialty retailers using XML, DCS’ EDI Specialist works with your existing EDI system to ensure rapid and reliable compliance.

Now the .com divisions of mass merchants is demanding more automation such as:

  • Inventory Reports daily
  • PO for each consumer
  • PO Acknowledgements within minutes
  • Inbound Cancellations
  • Delivery Confirmations
  • Remittance Advices contain thousands of invoices, many with deductions

Apprise EDI Solutions™, when properly configured, significantly lowers the cost of automating EDI. You can cap head count and still do .com business.

We work with the three components of reliable and economical EDI:

  1. The Apprise EDI interface
  2. Your existing EDI system
  3. Secure Internet data transmission (AS2 or AS3)

We have integrated the most popular EDI systems including:


You will enjoy a wider fulfillment window when data entry steps are eliminated, since Customer Service will have more time to scrutinize orders. You will also avoid costly, last minute changes and expedited shipments.

  • DCS has experience with most of the 300 U.S. merchants conducting EDI using the X12, EDIFACT, or GS1 (standardized XML tags) data formats.
  • Data transmission using the EDI INT AS2 protocol (HTTPS in batch mode) reduces cost by elimination of Value Added Networks. Connect directly!
  • Finally, DCS has helped many companies convert their EDI from lesser MRP systems to Apprise.

Let DCS help you with your first few trading partners, since setting Apprise is straight forward but not trivial. DCS EDI Specialists can help build your EDI foundation or add more process automation using our time-proven ERP conversion service. Having DCS set the first few customers and communication parameters will lower the cost of implementation and hastens payback, then you can set subsequent customers. We are eager to work with your Apprise dealer.

Ask us about our no-cost assessment and let DCS help you determine if your existing EDI system can be integrated to Apprise.