It’s Time For HR To Throw Out The Paper and Turn On The Automation

How EDI Can Benefit Your HR Department

You have the option to eradicate the paper process and repetitive tasks in your human resources department once and for all. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) automation will not only save you time and money; it will also increase efficiency and continually meet government regulations, allowing you to focus on more valuable tasks. Now is the time for your HR department to implement an EDI system.


Automation not only replaces paperwork, it also is more accurate information thanks to the elimination of the middle man and human error. The efficiency of shared services and single database operations is increased with easy processing, reporting, and access from all operations. The software Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 links to your existing EDI system and then communicates with your benefit providers through national standards.

HR EDI Flow Diagram

These links can be made with health insurance carriers, IRA plans, and other such as to make business cards. By using your existing system, you save money by simply adapting your system to meet what is required through the use of a customized system.

Regulation Compliant

With programs such as HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requiring you to support electronic enrollment with specific data formats, an opportunity is presented for you to meet standards using EDI. Automatic system updates can be set-up for changes to regulations with notification sent to the proper authority. This provides necessary reporting to comply with requirements, making sure you are current. Automation not only improves speed and consistence of use, but also auditability.


With documents that were once limited to the confines of folders and filing cabinets, automation allows access to all with secure authority. Employees have the opportunity to access their own information for updates allowing HR personnel to focus their attention elsewhere. The data of change in address, entry of vacation days, and records retrieval is back in the hands of the owner, the employee, allowing for mistakes to be caught and changes made easily. With their own information at hand, organization benefits are within reach and can be understood based on settings. It is important for employee information to be correct and up-to-date in order to claim the benefits of working for you. With so much data on-hand, limited access can be applied for secure mass storage.

High Morale While Saving Money

Implementing an EDI system can set you on the track as a competitor in your industry. Your electronic options can utilize the data processed to see statistics that were unknown for future organizational growth. Although your current paper system or procedure may be working electronic options are the wave of the future. By using automation, you are simplifying the process and ensuring peace of mind from knowing records are correct not only for yourself, but also for your employees. There is no need for the middle man with EDI, allowing you to avoid costly services such as Workday and Pay Flex. The goal of EDI and Data Communication Solutions (DCS) is true connectivity through automation between all areas of an organization and its providers. Allow us to make you a strategic partner, rather than a cost center.


Customers won’t tolerate disruptions in EDI while you’re converting to a new business application, which is where our NEXT LEVEL™ ERP conversion service steps in. NEXT LEVEL™ works off our extensive experience with hundreds of ERP conversions to speed up your conversation and avoid pitfalls. Daily processes with be maintained during our process with continued efficiency during the transition. This minimizes risk on your end, ensuring a smooth cutover at the go-live date. You will be taught to become self-reliant managing your automated EDI processes. The first step is easy, contact DCS for your FREE assessment

EDI…it’s all we do!