Oracle E-Business Suite™ EDI Headaches?

DCS Has the Pain Killer!

Data Communication Solutions’ (DCS) EDI Specialists have in-depth experience working with Oracle’s XML and EDI gateways. We can help you determine if you can integrate with your existing EDI system or help you select one.

Oracle Challenge

The challenge with integrating with Oracle E-Business Suite’s XML or EDI gateway is activating the several dozen correct fields among the hundreds available for each document and direction. The interface structure can be complex and difficult to tackle. At DCS we work with the three components of reliable and economical EDI:

  1. The Oracle gateway
  2. Your existing EDI system
  3. Secure Internet data transmission (AS2 or FTPS)

Considering the Human Capital Management module?

The Oracle R12 Human Capital Management is now the leading HR module. To bring a higher return on your investment, DCS EDI consultants will use your existing EDI system to link it to your benefit providers. Examples include health care insurers such as Blue Cross or 401K providers such as Wells Fargo. Your enrollment data is immediately and securely sent saving costly data entry and time. Click here to learn about gaining more productivity!

DCS Can Help with Setting Up Oracle XML or EDI Gateway

Let DCS EDI consultants help you build your EDI foundation or add more process automation. Setting up Oracle’s XML or EDI gateway is straight forward but not trivial. We recommend our NEXT LEVEL™ Conversion service.

  • DCS experience extends to the add-ons for Oracle created by the above EDI systems.
  • We are experts with the Oracle Applications’ XML or EDI gateway for B2B. Unfortunately, many developers focused on the Oracle  database do not have Gateway experience. (DCS has experience writing directly to Oracle tables, but recommends use of the Gateway.)
  • Finally, DCS has helped many companies convert their EDI from lesser MRP systems to Oracle. We know the old gateway too.

Want to increase productivity but unsure how to do it? Check out our easy-to-use E-Business Suite Tip Sheet  that shows you each E-Business  module and its corresponding transaction set that can readily be automated as standard and accepted by your trading partner.

Your integration will be thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years of EDI experience. Having DCS EDI consultants develop the first few customers and data transmission setups lowers the cost of implementation and hastens payback. Using a seasoned expert who knows EDI and the Oracle Applications EDI/E-Commerce Gateway will save you time and headaches. We are eager to work with your Oracle dealer or consultant. Our expertise is with the XML or EDI gateway: we do not seek non-EDI work.

Your first step is easy; just email DCS for your no-cost assessment.