MAPICS Automotive EDI Automation Saves Cost

…An EDI Success Story

DCS EDI Consulant Improves Efficiency and Speed

A mid-sized manufacturer of transmission gears needed to become more efficient without lowering customer satisfaction. As part of a wide array of minor process automation changes, the INbound Releases (830 and DELFOR) were integrated to Infor’s ERP XS™ (formerly MAPICS). This improvement enabled planners to more carefully scrutinize changes to future buckets.

A second part of the improvement was automating the outbound Shipment Notices (ASN, 856 or DELFOR). The existing error prone and slow process was replaced. The crucial step was automating the actually packed quantities as well as the Bill of Lading and PRO numbers. Chargebacks have been eliminated and cash flow improved.


This customer’s process automation encountered snags because Tier One customers’ Releases used out-of-date X12 versions and varied by plant and division. This meant the discovery and analysis was the more complex (and rewarding) part of the project. Having a thorough list of every field and a precise description for the steering committee meant that the first maps were successful and re-work and testing was much quicker. As a plus, the descriptions were re-formatted for training so that users know how to correctly process Releases.

In addition to the outbound Shipment Notice, the inbound Shipment Status (214) brought a delivery confirmation. Users of the delivery confirmation experienced greater piece of mind when all customer delivery messages (and vendor shipment messages) were delivered in real time. This was because the X12 Shipment Status Transaction Set 214 was now available from most truckers and parcel carriers. Time lost to check shipment statuses was now devoted to more important tasks.

The EDI perspective was clear: significant savings improved the bottom line. Two full-time positions were re-organized to focus upon material planning and scheduling.


MAPICS XS modules are thorough and complex and the integration is difficult due to receiving and suspending a Release for review and error correction. DCS EDI experience showed that EDI processes and integration were more difficult than PO and Invoice EDI. Also, because ASN’s cannot arrive late, proper training and motivation was needed. The customer service, shipping, and accounts receivable groups needed to “own” the improved processes.

The most economical Integration of MAPICS XS EDI involves using an existing system; such as IBM’s Gentran:Server™, GXS’ TrustedLink™ and Biz™ products, Extol’s EDI Integrator™, and others. Linking is straight forward, but not trivial. A DCS EDI consultant can help you determine if you can integrate with your existing EDI system or help determine the best fit for you. A key task is to maintain undisturbed production mode EDI during the conversion

DCS EDI consultants can help you add more process automation by building upon your EDI foundation. Since setting up ERP XS EDI is straight forward but not trivial, we recommend DCS Next Level™ conversion service. Your mapping will be thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years of manufacturing, warehouse, and transport EDI experience. Having DCS develop the first few Trading Partners and communication parameters lowers the cost of implementation and hastens payback.

  • Most of the US companies requiring X12 or EDIFACT EDI are well known to us.
  • Popular EDI Transaction Sets such as Inbound PO’s (850), Outbound ASN’s (856), Outbound Invoices (810), Inbound Releases (830), and Outbound PO Acknowledgements (855) have been implemented at many of our customers.
  • You may also consider 3PL EDI (94x series) and Transportation EDI (21x series).
  • Finally, connections using EDI INT AS2 or FTP over a VPN reduce cost by elimination of pricey Value Added Networks.

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