Adage EDI Challenges?

…DCS Can Help!

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can help you meet emerging key customer requirements such as naming lots on invoices. Our support and training builds upon the significant enhancements to the Item/Lot Characteristics in Infor’s Adage ERP that makes more process automation economically achievable. DCS’ two decades of practical experience orchestrating EDI Adage ERP system used by leading food producers.

We work with your existing EDI and AS2 systems to eliminate a costly purchase and retain your time proven processes. We have Adage experience with a products such as: IBM’s (formerly Sterling Commerce) Gentran:Server, OpenText TrustedLink, Biz and Application Integrator.

DCS PROMPT™ and OPERATE™ support provide crisis solutions and daily monitoring to eliminate P.O. and ASN delays. GROW development helps to add documents and new processes. An example of development is moving from UPC numbers to Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTIN).


Process automation that is effective, reliable, and economical depends upon proper integration, which is straightforward but not trivial. The challenge is activating the several dozen correct fields among the hundreds available for each document and direction. The interface structure can be complex and difficult to tackle, so eliminate manual steps. When process automation is achieved your connection to Infor is completely integrated: your Customer Service, Purchasing, and Shipping Department will not need access your EDI system.

We work with the three components of reliable and economical EDI:

  1. The Adage EDI interface
  2. Your existing EDI system
  3. Secure Internet data transmission (AS2 or AS3)

EDI integration is something that you must do well and ensure that the best business practices are being followed. Here are the necessary deliverables our DCS PROCESS™ provides:

  • Planning
  • EDI Development
  • Adage Configuration
  • Implementation

The EDI perspective is clear: the Adage EDI gateway is robust and reliable.

  • DCS has experience with most of the 800 U.S. companies conducting X12 or GS1 EDI.
  • Popular transaction sets such as Inbound PO’s (850 or 875), Outbound ASN’s (856), and Outbound Invoices (810 or 880) have been implemented at all of our Adage customers.
  • Connections using secure Internet (EDI INT AS2) reduce cost by elimination of pricey Value Added Networks.


You will enjoy a wider fulfillment window when the data entry step is eliminated because Customer Service has more time to scrutinize orders for the correct price and discounts. You will also avoid costly, last minute changes and expedited shipments.

Let DCS help you. Since 1995 DCS EDI consultants have assisted many Adage users with EDI upgrades. DCS can help improve your EDI foundation or add more process automation using our time-proven DCS PROCESS™ methodology. DCS is eager to work with your Adage provider/consultant too. Our experience is with the EDI/E-C Gateway: we do not seek non-EDI work. Your first step is easy, contact DCS for your FREE Assessment.