Our EDI experience with hundreds of ERP integrations, conversions, and upgrades can speed up the conversion process and avoid the many embarrassing pitfalls that can arise. DCS knows that your customers will not tolerate disruptions in EDI as you convert to a new business application. Best of all, DCS will teach you to become self-reliant in managing your automated EDI processes.


Business application upgrades are typically time intensive; just when you have many other conversion details upon which to focus EDI problems surprise you. Unfortunately, EDI and AS2 systems do not automatically link to business applications, so you need thorough configuration and testing. For example, when developing new maps or making changes, DCS will perform testing until your customers and internal users approve individual documents.

The costs of converting are the generic map development, customization for each customer or Trading Partner, testing, and training both users and the I.T department. Learn more about how we can assist you with EDI and ERP software with our no-cost assessment.

DCS has worked extensively with these leading ERP systems:

And many others!

Conversion to a new business application requires attention to many crucial details. Chances are deadlines are impending and progress is slow. To maintain the peak efficiency and minimize the risk of key customer disruption, consider outside assistance with EDI and ERP implementation and integration from a team of veterans. Having performed numerous conversions, DCS can help you achieve a smooth cut-over and ensure your EDI continues to run smoothly.

Our expertise is with the ERP system’s EDI/E-C Gateway; we do not seek non-EDI work. We work gladly with your ERP vendor or consultant.

Your first step is easy; just email us for your no-cost assessment.

Your first step is easy; just email us for your no-cost assessment.

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