The compilation of statistics is a continuous chain starting with raw data collection, followed by a number of harmonization and aggregation processes leading to aggregated statistical data.  Raw data collection is realized by means of surveys, sampling,direct reporting from individuals, economic operators.  Harmonization and aggregation processes are very often handled by statistical bodies or authorized economic operators in case of direct reporting.  A Generic Statistical Message (GESMES) is used by an organization involved in this elaboration process to transmit a statistical data set.  It permits the transmission of the following, either in the same and/or different messages: the statistical concepts comprising the data set and their structure if required, all related information (code sets, labels,methodological notes, footnotes, etc.), the statistical figures of the data set.  This message could be used by producers and users of statistical information such as: National Statistical Offices, ministries, private and public administrations, private companies, etc.