EDI Challenge

A DCS customer that supplies railroad equipment parts found that their EDI traffic had been slowly increasing over the years. They had been doing “rip and read” EDI, but their volume was growing so large it was becoming impossible for them to keep up with the paperwork involved in rip and read. They wanted to integrate their EDI with their MAS 200™ accounting system, so that the information would be processed directly without manual intervention. This needed to be accomplished without interruption to about ten trading partners.


DCS EDI Consultant used GXS Desk Top™ to integrate the EDI traffic with the MAS 200™ accounting system. We created, tested, and setup all the integrated mapping required to do business with the major US and Canadian railroads operators.


Their GXS Desk Top™ EDI system is now fully integrated to their MAS 200™ accounting system, saving countless hours daily in manual data processing. Data entry errors have been significantly reduced as well as the cost of managing the EDI traffic. DCS continues to provide EDI support on an as needed basis.