TIE Kinetix (formerly TIE Commerce) eVision™ EDI

DCS EDI Specialists Can Assist you With Successful EDI Implementation

Several thousand companies have used TIE KINETIX EDI to maximize profitability through automation addressing customers’ most pressing issues in Business-to-Business Integration, Data Synchronization, Trading Partner Collaboration, and Digital Channel Communications.  As an automation tool, it is often underused due to its power and flexibility. More integration means a capped head count, quicker business cycles, allowing your Customer Service, Logistics, and Purchasing staffs to focus on other challenges.

DCS EDI Consultants have extensive of experience working with companies implementing TIE Kinetix products such as: eVision (upgraded version of spEDI*tran), EDGE and TIE Integrator™. This depth of expertise will ensure thorough, quick and economical solutions as it relates to your business application through our Remote Support and Development Services. We can also provide customized training on using your TIE Commerce software (spEDI*map, spEDI*tran, eVision) through our DCS Training remote or on-site training programs.

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More about TIE Kinetix Users

Most TIE Kinetix users focus upon accommodating Customers by receiving PO’s, sending Shipment Notices and Invoices, and receiving Remittance Advices. The spEDI*map™ and spEDI*tran™ products have a faithful following of users who are familiar with the products. The spEDI*tran product has been phased out by the newer eVision™ product, which has been called “spEDI*tran on steroids”. It runs on the same spEDI*map base, but is even more robust, with more flexibility, including XML capability.

Moving low volume customers, especially those buying supplies and parts, to an automated method using eVision means more conveniences for them and more sales for you. Surprisingly, many customers use EDI, but have not been asked to do so by the Customer Service department. These are the easiest customers to automate. Other customers can be asked to use a Web Form, or send XML if they have eVision or spreadsheet data. The key is a continual, low-level rollout of the customers to EDI processes. Later you can add transportation carriers and vendors.

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