EDI on a Linux Platform

EDI…It’s All We Do!

Companies considering Linux EDI should be conducting EDI in a high volume and stable environment. When fast performance is an issue Linux EDI should be considered. Yet, some lower volume Transaction Sets or Customers can remain with the existing EDI system. When combined with AS2, Linux EDI can eliminate monthly VAN fees.


Free Linux EDI systems do well with data formatting (translation), but will require you to set the script for FTP over VPN or EDI INT AS2 transmission. Additionally, control is not as complete, which will require exception reporting due to the high visibility of EDI. A free system may be well suited for a stand-alone application such as transport. Web forms using Mosaic are used for presentation and data entry. These challenges can be readily met with guidance.

Alternatively, a Linux EDI system can be purchased for approximately $15,000 to $40,000. Several reliable and robust systems are commercially available that have met the scripting and control challenge. They also feature a layout similar to Microsoft Outlook’s™ Folder List – Inbox, Being Fulfilled, Sent, etc. The familiar layout reduces conversion/training time and builds user confidence.

A third approach is to retain your EDI system for low volume or seasonal customers and for low volume documents such as Quotes, Order Status, Sales Analysis, and Inventory Reports. (The inbound documents are routed to the appropriate system using the GS segment Trading Partner ID.)


When you are ready to consider Linux EDI, you need a project plan and Return on Investment projection. DCS can help. The first step is an Free Assessment, which is based upon a close scrutiny of your ERP system’s electronic commerce gateway. Second, gaps in expertise are found so that the plan includes training for self-reliance. The first step is easy; just click the email link below.