Gentran EDI Upgrade Assistance

If you are suffering from lost customer documents, fragile processes, and surprises, then it’s time to consider upgrading to the current version.  Additionally, if you have moved to Virtual Machine, EDI redundancy is easily achieved.  Eliminate a crucial and visible point of failure – your EDI pipeline to the best customers.

DCS’ GROW™ service helps you upgrade, while ensuring that you will continue to be self-reliant when the upgrade is complete.

We work with you during the upgrade and show you the steps needed for the upgrade process.  Here are the key tasks:

  1. Jointly we write the task list with time estimates and priorities. (1 hour)
  2. You set the server, paths, and VM. (4 hours)
  3. We check to learn if maintenance is current.  If needed, write justification for getting current.  (1 hour)
  4. We archive off unneeded data, back-up, check the back-up. (4 hours)
  5. We install two instances – development/test and production. (12 hours)
  6. We system test (including connections to the business application and the data transmission), then map and test trading partner. (16 hours)
  7. We monitor production for two days, communicate with end-users. (4 hours)
  8. You report to management the progress to the objectives.

Working together ensures little disruption of your EDI; you can focus on other tasks.  For Gentran:Server the investment is $5,200 for up to 25 customers.  For Gentran:Director, the investment is $2,500 for up to 10 customers. The payoff is a high scorecard rating from your key customers.

The first step is easy, just email us for your FREE assessment.