Gentran and Sterling B2B Integrator

DCS Offers EDI  Industry Oriented Assistance with your Integration!

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) is ready to help you improve and operate your EDI systems by IBM (formerly Sterling Commerce). This is true whether you want to install or are currently using Gentran™ or Sterling B2B™ (SB2BI). DCS has more than two decades of experience to support your IBM integration. In fact, we were the first to do a successful Sterling B2B Integrator installation on a Linux system! Designed for mid- to large size companies, IBM offers some of the best EDI technology on the market:

  • Gentran™ – Designed for Mid-size Companies
  • Sterling B2B™ – Robust System to Drive Larger Businesses

The key is our portfolio of comprehensive maps for most ERP systems such as Infor, Microsoft, Oracle, or SAP.  We also have a complete selection of Trading Partner profiles. Finally, we provide personal service which is required when automating highly visible processes.

Our remote support service and development service are designed to ensure thorough, quick, and economical EDI solutions. For example, DCS can bring your Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows Server 20xx™ to the current version and then to the cloud, while others propose a costly conversion to an EDI network (VAN).

Avoid Managed Service Loss of Control

If you are considering shifting out your key customer sales order processing and other high visibility processes to an EDI network, you may wish to consider keeping your existing system and having an expert monitor your system. We monitor and repair, learning when your problems usually occur. We can also be copied on error messages for prompt repair. For a time proven way to avoid loss of control, check out our remote support service.

Since 1991, DCS has helped companies in your industry automate processes to boost efficiency using Gentran. Your remote support promptly restores broken communication. The first step is to contact us for our no-cost assessment to determine how DCS can assist you.


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