Secure and Economical Communication for B2B

Proper Configuration of Existing EDI Systems Meets the Challenge

Connections with other businesses are necessary and vulnerable. In today’s trying times, when cost control is paramount, the impact of a disclosure on your company and livelihood is high and visible. Both the cost and the risk challenge must be solved.   Fortunately, configuration of your existing EDI components and your firewall can meet these challenges efficiently, reliably, and economically. Working together, vulnerabilities will fade.

The B2B document exchange process is unique to every company. Your mix of customers with unique requirements have been met; a prompt and reliable exchange was the goal.  Now security and economy are important. Meeting these challenges is straightforward but not trivial. It’s good to call an expert when upgrading your deterrents.

DCS can help you with these components and challenges.

  • FTPS and SFTP
  • EDI network (value added network, VAN)
    • Document relay (only)
    • Document translation (reformatting) and relay
    • Manual exchange of very large documents
    • Mobile access to documents and applications
    • Firewall tuning

Securing your communication for B2B will be thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years of business-to-business document exchange experience. Having DCS Consultants configure the document exchanges lowers the cost of implementation and hastens payback. Using a seasoned expert who knows these challenges and your business applications will save you time and headaches. DCS is eager to work with your firewall dealer or consultant.  Your first step is easy: contact DCS for your no-cost assessment.

For more information see Secure Document Exchange.