Worried about downtime in your EDI system due to Cat Aventail communication changes?

Caterpillar’s Move from Aventail VPN will Impact Your EDI

DCS has your low cost solution!

DCS can help you meet Caterpillar’s new data transmission requirement.  This new, secure Internet method may also reduce your EDI networking (VAN) cost. Our DCS EDI Specialist will assist you by configuring your existing TrustedLink™ for Microsoft Windows™  (TLW) FTP utility to meet the Secure FTP  (SFTP) protocol. Our EDI Specialists have assisted many companies throughout the United States and Europe to become compliant with Caterpillar’s new requirements.

All DCS EDI Specialists have experience with:

  1. Caterpillar’s new requirements
  2. Global eXchange Services (GXS, formerly Inovis) TLW 7 EDI system and most other EDI systems
  3. Secure Internet EDI/E-C data transmission (SFTP and AS2)

SFTP Setup for TLW users (about 4-5 hours)

  • Install SFTP client and setup communications
  • Install TLW directory monitor service
  • Past trading partner connection testing
  • Conduct production cutover
  • Optional – 2nd or 3rd PC 1 hour each (if done at the same time)

Timing – This project can begin within 3 business days of authorization.

Notes and Assumptions

  1. Most modifications are expected to take no more than 5 hours.
  2. TLW system must be operating properly, be the current version, and supported by a maintenance agreement.
  3. Time is not included for other work such as mapping and automation or communication setup for any other customer.
  4. If DCS must support systems other than TLW then more time may be needed.
  5. If firewall or Windows configuration is needed, then more time may be needed.


This change is straightforward but not trivial – it affects your EDI system, your firewall, and a highly visible customer.

Our DCS PROMPT remote support service and GROW™ development service are standardized services to ensure thorough, quick, and economical solutions. DCS will help you speed up the process with our extensive experience with Trusted Link, your business application and Catepillar’s EDI requirements. The first step is easy just email us for your FREE EDI Assessment.