EXTOL Secure Exchange – AS2

EXTOL Secure Exchange (ESX) is a standards-compliant solution for sending and receiving EDI, XML and other data securely over the Internet. ESX protects the privacy and integrity of your communications with customers, suppliers, remote divisions and other external partners by applying advanced encryption, authentication and non-repudiation methods.

Designed specifically for secure data communications, ESX avoids well-known security exposures inherent in solutions based on commercial HTTP servers. A wide range of security features protects applications, private keys and unencrypted data from external tampering.

ESX has been certified for AS2 compliance and interoperability with other AS2 products by the Drummond Group; giving you the flexibility to conduct e-business communications with any new or existing trading partner that uses an AS2-compliant product.


The EXTOL VAN is a unique software and service combination that provides a cost-effective method to exchange formatted electronic data over the Internet. EXTOL VAN facilitates migration to full Internet-based e-commerce, by enabling communications with traditional VANs and private networks as well as Internet-connected partners and exchanges. Through a single IP-based connection, EXTOL VAN users benefit from critically important services, such as:

  • Centralized, pull-based access to transactions and responses from multiple partners
  • One interconnection to multiple partner-preferred transport protocols and VANs
  • Security and confidentiality protection
  • Tracking and reporting features that help you manage your EDI communications