DCS EDI Specialists Are Ready to Bring Your EDI to the Cloud

EDI is almost always installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) server located on-premise.  Now you have the option to move your server to the cloud. The choice is yours alone as your EDI will process the same in either location.

EDI in the cloud means that you rent space from a cloud provider such as Amazon or Rack Space and then install your existing EDI system there.  Moving EDI usually occurs when the ERP and other business applications move to the cloud.  This alternative is similar but different from moving to a cloud based EDI network or a cloud based business application.  DCS recommends that you own (not rent) your EDI system that is sited on a VM server or at a cloud provider because the cost is lower over time.

After EDI is installed at the cloud provider’s site, changing two configurations is needed:

  • Connection to your business application’s EDI gateway
  • Connection from the cloud to your customers

When you connect directly from the customer to your EDI system that is based in the cloud it is cheaper because you do not pay an EDI network (VAN) a transmission fee.  In addition to the fee, it’s important to realize that your company is unique, so VAN “configuration” fees are required and are surprises.  Or, you will do it their way.

When moving EDI to the cloud, DCS provides:

  1. Installation of EDI software (development and production)
  2. Testing of the connection to your business application’s EDI gateway
  3. Connection from cloud to your customers
  4. Training for your employees

It is not a large task to switch your server’s location.

Data security is high because data in motion is encrypted and data at rest has been moved to your business application.  Third, the data recently exchanged in X12, EDIFACT, or GS1 standard format is automatically archived off every week.

Customers won’t tolerate disruptions in EDI while you are moving.  We can help with our NEXT LEVEL™ Conversion Service, which brings you decades of  extensive experience with hundreds of EDI and ERP conversions to speed up your conversation and avoid pitfalls. Contact us today for your no-cost assessment.