Process Automation Boosts Productivity

DCS can show you how to automate economically.

Managers have long sought to boost productivity by replacing manual with automated processes. EDI is replacement of data entry staff combined with immediate exception reporting.  The crucial difference is that key customers’ requirements must be met without accommodation at the same time your company’s time proven procedures are followed.

CFOs searching for process automation savings should look to their existing Electronic Data Interchange and E-Commerce tools. Adding more customers, transporters, or vendors can be done economically using existing systems.

The best results occur when changes are implemented incrementally. An example today is gradually setting more links between customers and your ERP system. This typically includes receiving more data for better customer order management or adding more customers. These tasks are incremental. The changes are small enough that the ROI can be calculated accurately.

There are six key means to improve process automation the CFO should pursue:

  1. Add more customers or add more documents.
  2. Add Transporters to your EDI processes
  3. Add key vendors.
  4. Make data transmission secure.
  5. Automate price sheets.
  6. Automate web form data.

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