Baan and Sterling B2B™ Training

The EDI Challenge

A manufacturer of lighting sold through mass merchants such as Home Depot recently completed an acquisition and also upgraded the version of INFOR’s Baan Enterprise LN™ ERP. The next step was more EDI integration using Sterling B2B™ Integrator. Because they wanted to be self-reliant for EDI mapping and BPML, training was needed.

DCS Solution

The EDI Manager had many years experience with EDI and took Gentran training classes several months earlier. Unfortunately, the upgrade to Baan took longer than planned so assistance with EDI was needed. DCS provided on-site training using their customers’ requirements. Because the training was on-site some troubleshooting also occurred.

Through DCS’ EDI Training Service, our expert trainer showed them corrections to existing, incomplete maps and Business Process Modeling Language coding. The training on BPML came after a review of existing processes, so it was more productive. This blend of advanced training and troubleshooting enabled significant progress on process automation.

The cost per trainee was lower than the vendor’s tuition because several trainees could receive training simultaneously.


Because the I.T. staff is now self-reliant, customers can be added quickly as demanded by marketing. Critical EDI functions were also expanded and manual processes were eliminated or streamlined during the successful conversion to Baan.

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