27 02, 2024

What an EDI 824 Can Do For You

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Introduction: The EDI 824 – known as the Application Advice – is a silent hero in the EDI world. It communicates the status of a sent transaction and allows for quick resolution of errors, so ignore it at your peril! How Will This Help Me? This post outlines the value of an 824 and explains how it can reduce your errors and improve your cash flow. Understanding the 824: Trading Partners send the 824 Application Advice to convey the status of an EDI document that was sent to them. Although it can be used for any status, it's most often [...]

17 11, 2014

A great reason to automate your routine documents

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At first to some businesses, automation seems like a big upfront cost. If the manual systems work why fix them? But these businesses aren’t considering the hidden costs of tying their employees up in paper pushing. Free up your workforce to make more money for you. When a business’ invoicing and other documentation isn’t automated, they are paying their employees to manage money that has already entered the business. The invoice they are working with if from a customer that already has decided to buy their product. Instead, when the invoicing is automated, the customer service agent can focus on [...]

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