27 09, 2016

Are You Considering Migrating or Upgrading Your EDI?

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As you are planning for your 2017 budget, investing in the modernization and expansion of your EDI/B2B Integration systems may be on the horizon.  There are many considerations that would prompt an upgrading and/or migration. Some key factors are: New partners New EDI compliance requirements Business growth demanding automation instead of manual processing EDI platform requiring high monthly fees and overhead. Operating pressures, such as faster trading partner onboarding Licensing and software product sizing requirements (varies by vendor) Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can assist you in this review process and help improve your operations.  But migrating or updating to a [...]

18 07, 2016

BizManager in the Cloud

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Birchwood Casey is a sporting goods manufacturer based in Eden Prairie, MN.  They wanted to move their EDI system onto the cloud.  Birchwood Casey reached out to Data Communication Solutions (DCS), as we had experience with their old, legacy system.   DCS could contain costs by not having to learn an old system or working with another contractor who knew it. The Cloud Explained A cloud server is a server that is built and maintained by someone offsite and can be accessed through the internet.  This provides an alternative to storing your data on your own servers.  The functions of the [...]

10 06, 2016

Amazon AS2 Maintenance Outage on June 17 or June 22

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Amazon has a routine deployment of their AS2 software coming up. As a result they will be rebooting some of their AS2 servers. If you are directly connection to the IP address or then after the reboot these might no longer be available. Please always connect to the DNS as2.amazonsedi.com instead of the IP address as Amazon's AS2 servers run on the cloud. Contact your DCS EDI Specialist for more information or click here for assistance.

10 06, 2016

One Stop Vacation Support

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It’s that time of the year when companies face lost productivity due to staff taking vacations. But that doesn't have to be the case!  Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can help! Our remote support service will rapidly put you into production status quickly and efficiently, eliminating costly downtime. Our remote support is also perfect if you have a staffing change, a staff person on a long-term medical leave or an EDI emergency. We are ready to support you! DCS’ Remote Support provides an EDI Specialist who will: Log-in to your system remotely using GoToMyPC or WebEx to identify the issue. Speak with [...]

25 05, 2016

Is Your EDI Secure?

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In today’s world of viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and other issues that plague many companies who do business across the country and oversees, it is important that you keep your network and data secure.  Unfortunately, this is not always a top priority for many companies due to budget constraints, lack of IT resources, and other factors. If your business depends on EDI with multiple trading partners, it is important that you ensure your environment is secure and running smoothly. There are three areas you should consider: Network Security Data Integrity Infrastructure Reliability All three components need to work together to [...]

11 05, 2016

Virtual Machine (VM) Configuration Affects EDI

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System administrators too often forget that EDI processing spikes.  While the demand on an EDI system may typically be low, traffic spikes can cause resource utilization to increase to many times the baseline.  Often, the consequence of everyday low demand is that VM managers set the capacity too low, causing failure when a traffic spike occurs.  This is can be very difficult to detect and diagnose, particularly in smaller shops that do not manage their VM resources due to lack of time or expertise. Another point to consider is that all of the VMs on a given physical host share [...]

5 05, 2016

New technical requirements for customers using TrustedLink™

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New technical requirements for customers using TrustedLink™ for i (aka TrustedLink for iSeries) who connect to Inovisworks™ using IP Exchange As part of OpenText’s ongoing effort to help maintain the highest levels of data integrity and security for their customers, they plan to make some security enhancement to their Inovisworks service. As a result, customers using TrustedLink for i (TLi) who connect to Inovisworks using IP Exchange may need to take additional actions to continue sending and receiving business documents after May 10, 2016. To avoid a disruption in service, customers must upgrade to TLi 6.3.1 or later and IBM [...]

22 03, 2016

Case Study – Mölnlycke

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DCS Makes International Medical Products Company's EDI More Efficient The EDI Challenge Mölnlycke is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells medical products.  They needed help to carefully configure the “ground work” for the rerouting of data from their U.S. headquarters in Norcross, GA to their main headquarters in Sweden.  AS2 had to be reconfigured to support EDI data to and from Trading Partners to Sweden to be processed for all Mölnlycke locations.  Specific EDI transactions were to be moved from Sweden to the United States for processing.  Mölnlycke-Sweden needed a solution to handle the file exceptions for the files [...]

3 03, 2016

Matching supply with demand with greater precision – and better results

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Dot.Com merchants require an Inventory Report (EDI Transaction Set 846) that tells them what you have available for sale.  Without a clear report, Dot.Com merchants cannot reliably offer product to customers.  Accurate allocation is essential.  Without it, your product’s presentation may not be shown. When the product is very popular, it must be allocated among the Dot.Com customers.  The inventory of a popular product should not be pledged to all on a first-come, first served basis.  A failure to ship a fast moving product means a negative score card rating. Benefits of an Accurate Inventory Report: • Maintain control of [...]

6 02, 2016

Amazon to Change Handling of AS2 Files

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Effective February 16, 2016, Amazon is changing how they handle AS2 files to include new IP address ranges.  AS2 is a protocol for secure, direct connection. Amazon has long used a range of IP addresses.  Typically, a vendor’s AS2 system caches the IP address.  However, to add new IP addresses a restart generally is needed. Here are your two key action items: 1. Make sure your firewall or network administrator has the firewall rules set to allow/whitelist all the IP numbers in the range, they should be able to continue. 2. Trigger a system to restart. The distinct IP address [...]

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