1 07, 2024

Breathe Easier – Outsource Your EDI Struggles to DCS

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When it comes to building lasting relationships, it’s all about trust, reliability, and consistent performance. In this case study, we highlight our decade-long EDI managed services partnership with a major oral health company and showcase how our partnership has evolved together over the years to meet their ever-changing needs. The Challenge Our client was in search of a dependable partner to manage their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). They needed a solution that would streamline daily operations, facilitate easy integration of future partners, and keep up with new mapping requirements and changes. The goal was clear: find a trusted resource who [...]

2 05, 2024

Gentran Upgrades and Support

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A premier candy and gift company headquartered in Kentucky recently contacted DCS for help upgrading their IBM Gentran Server for Windows. They were on an unsupported version and knew the risk that posed to business-critical EDI orders from their customers. They had contacted IBM support but upgrade assistance isn't part of standard support, and they knew they needed hands-on help. Looking for alternatives, they turned to DCS. We met to discuss their specific needs, review their system, and provide a project estimate. After meeting with several other potential vendors, they decided DCS offered the best service and value. Thanks to [...]

18 01, 2024

Case Study: DCS Helps Baby Products Manufacturer Eliminate EDI Risk

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The Business Need: A major baby products manufacturer based in California recognized that they had significant key person risk in their EDI operations. Ranked as one of Fortune’s Most Innovative Companies, their exponential retail growth required robust, scalable, and reliable EDI operations. Although they had a solid EDI system built by a talented individual, that individual was the only resource and there was little to no system documentation. A backup resource had been cross-trained and could run basic EDI operations for short periods but could not resolve major issues or make updates. Knowing that EDI is critical to their customer [...]

25 01, 2021

DCS Provides Daimler API Solution for Customer

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The Business Need Grote Industries is an Indiana-based automotive manufacturer. A long-term customer of Data Communication Solutions, Grote needed us to create a fast-tracked API solution for their customer, Daimler, also known as Mercedes-Benz. This was meant to replace an EDI process that Daimler was eliminating. DCS EDI specialist Ashley Fish handled the project. APIs Explained API stands for Application Program Interface. Simply put, they let one application “talk” to another application. An API consists of three main components: Procedures, which is the actual function of the API. The communication protocols the API uses to connect applications. The tools that [...]

15 10, 2020

DCS Helps Food Producer Fix EDI Error

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Savor Street Foods is a Pennsylvania-based pretzel company. There was an error during their weekly AS400 system backup. They did an initial program load on their computer system. When the system came back up, their EDI wasn’t processing automatically through their Trusted Link iSeries (TLi). As a result, they were only able to retrieve their EDI data manually. Savor Street turned to Data Communication Solutions (DCS) for help with their EDI predicament. EDI specialist Beverley Ramey handled the task.   The DCS Solution DCS started by reviewing Savor Street’s EDI application. We verified that the application software itself was okay. [...]

22 09, 2020

DCS Implements 753 and 754 EDI Transactions, Helping a Distributor to Become More Efficient

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The Business Need Northern Wholesale, a long-term customer of Data Communication Solutions, is a Minnesota-based distributor of RV, mobile home, snowmobile, and marine products. They needed their business to become more efficient through more automation and less manual keying, particularly when it came to their exchanges with Amazon. Amazon’s routing process was done through their web portal and was time-consuming. Northern Wholesale knew that as their business continued to grow, this process would take up more time. Therefore, they decided to implement the X12 753 (Request for Routing Instructions) and 754 (Routing Instructions) EDI transactions with Amazon. . The DCS [...]

25 08, 2020

DCS Helps Customer Send ACH Files

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One of Data Communication Solutions’ long-term customers is an American distributor of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating parts and equipment. Recently, our customer needed our help in sending ACH files to their bank. To achieve this goal, DCS EDI specialist Beverly Ramey took the following steps: Set up the process in their BizManager application to retrieve the existing file from their system. Renamed the file to meet the needs of the bank. Connected to the bank’s FTP site. Tested and processed the file. Added an email to the process to notify the IT department that the file was sent. Thanks [...]

19 05, 2020

DCS Helps Baby Products Manufacturer Find EDI Success

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The Business Need In 2020, Data Communication Solutions began work for a baby products manufacturer. They needed help with a variety of BizManager EDI issues. These included eliminating chargebacks, proper EDI monitoring, modifications of maps for compliancy, and reporting. DCS EDI Specialist Dawn Stevens took on the project.   The DCS Solution DCS took a variety of steps towards helping our customer find EDI success. We immediately fixed their EDI errors and modified maps to make them compliant. We advised our customer to create mandatory fields within maps and made suggestion to further streamline their EDI process. DCS also created [...]

17 12, 2019

DCS Stabilizes Manufacturer’s EDI

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The Business NeedLCI is a North Carolina-based manufacturer and distributor. They are one of the United States’ largest employers of people who are blind or visually impaired. LCI was having issues with their Gentran Server Windows EDI system and needed someone to troubleshoot and stabilize it. They also wanted a new system they could migrate to. Because LCI worked with Data Communication Solutions in the past, they turned to us to get the job done. DCS EDI Specialist Jacquelyn Grauel took on the project.The DCS SolutionJacquelyn spent eight weeks at LCI’s headquarters in North Carolina in order help them find [...]

14 11, 2019

Lighten Your EDI Workload with DCS

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It’s no small task to develop and maintain EDI with your trading partners. This is especially true when your company is growing and you’re adding more customers. Thankfully, you don’t have to handle EDI on your own. Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has helped one of our current customers keep their EDI strong.American Licorice first contacted DCS for help in integrating JD Edwards (JDE) with X12 210 (Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice) documents for their 3PL trading partner. To learn more about the initial work we did for American Licorice, check out our case study. Because the first partner implementation [...]

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