CargoWise ediEnterprise Streamlines Your Business Operations

DCS EDI Integration for Logistics Services

DCS EDI specialists offer expert consultations to best utilize ediEnterprise, CargoWise’s premium EDI software.  CargoWise offers you internationally capable EDI software for your logistics service company. With ediEnterprise, CargoWise is able to simplify corporate workings by consolidating all your operations. DCS EDI specialists can help you maximize your investment in ediEnterprise software.

With their extensive experience, DCS EDI specialists can configure ediEnterprise to best suit you and your clients’ needs, whether your company is a small business, a multinational corporation, or if you fall somewhere in between.  Its flexible design allows you to customize reports and processes for individual clients and even individual jobs. Other advantages to ediEnterprise include:

  • ediAccountant allows you to fully automate invoicing directly to accounts receivable, saving you the costly step of electronic dispatch of accounts.
  • ediWarehouseManager allows you to track the inventory of dozens of clients, including those overseas. This single, enterprise-wide database can handle 3PL and 4PL and provides complete inventory management.
  • ediWorkflowManager  maps and controls everyday processes, and also allows for client customization configuration to ensure operators do not miss a thing.

CargoWise creates products that are easy to customize and can be enhanced over time to grow and change with your business and needs: DCS EDI specialists show you how utilize those features and your investment in EDI software is used to its full potential.

Like all components of your business, you want your customer interactions to reflect your business practices. When utilizing EDI software, such as ediEnterprise, this should also hold true: automation must reflect your company’s time-proven procedures. ediEnterprise creates the opportunity for you to give your customers the one-on-one service they want and frees your employees from monotonous tasks.


Contact DCS to optimize your experience with ediEnterprise. DCS services such as PROMPT™ Remote Support and GROW™ Development services ensure fast, thorough, and economic solutions.

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