Too busy to keep your shipping label system up to date?

DCS can remotely manage your labeling process to ensure the components such as scanners, printers, and connections perform harmoniously, reliably, and economically.  As part of your Business-to-Business supply chain, labels need to be correct.  Yet, you have other firm time commitments.  Because we work with your existing systems, we do not sell equipment or labels; our only goal is to improve your efficiency.  We are ready to help you.


Propel labeling is an orchestration: the components must perform properly, do so in sequence, and occur without delay.  The challenge derives from not knowing about a failure until a costly disruption happens.  Then, a slap-dash repair is too often made.  This results in a “system” that is not efficient; costly because wasted wages are large.

A systematic approach is called for.  In this approach, the first step is an assessment:

  • Discovery and analysis
  • Discussion
  • Report – a task list with time estimates and priorities.

This consultation takes about a week and costs about $5,000.

DCS’ expertise shows that most companies have the correct components, but suffer from

  • Being out of date
  • Not reacting to changes in packing/shipping processes so that inefficiencies exist
  • No big picture mini-training to ensure users understand the consequences of errors.

Of course the tasks you need may be different.

For example, if you rely upon parcel carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS you can save by combining the GS1-128 and carrier information into one label.  Printing and applying one label instead of two sharply reduces wages.


Let DCS help you repair your bar coded shipping labels foundation or add more process automation. Setting up properly is straight forward but not trivial. We recommend our GROW™ Development service.

  • DCS experience extends to the interface with ERP, WMS, and accounting applications, as well as to the EDI system.  We ensure the correct quantities shipped are automatically sent to the applications.
  • We are experts with most bar code labeling systems, such as Bar Code Graphic’s BarTender™, NiceLabel™,  TL Ashford, Loftware, and Teklynx’s LABEL MATRIX™. (Unfortunately, many application developers focused on printers do not have this experience.)
  • Finally, our solution is cost effective because no capital equipment purchase is needed.   We work with your existing components.

We can fine tune your processes and components, and then train users to properly perform.  This avoids waste and shipping delays.   

Your orchestration will be thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years of bar coding experience. Having DCS correct the first few customers then having you correct the remainder also may lower the cost of orchestration and hastens payback. Using a seasoned expert who knows bar coding and labeling processes will save you time and headaches. DCS is eager to work with your dealer or vendor. Our expertise is with orchestration, we do not sell scanners, printer, or labels. Your first step is easy; just e-mail DCS for your FREE assessment.