How EDI can work for you and them merchants market share is growing; use of the Internet allowing for a global reach to consumers as well as being a convenient shopping option. Correct planning and execution of sales are most important to vastly improve profit for all parties involved.

These merchants create new challenges which require changes to your EDI and business application for continued success. The two key challenges are:

  1. Each consumer order requires an EDI order, shipment notice, and invoice.
  2. Added fields, such as “Signature Required,” complicate the integration.

Mass merchants, such as, send you an order for each consumer since each order has a different ship-to address at home. This means a torrent of orders, which can drastically impact your customer service staff.

The remedy is direct transmission and automatic loading of orders. DCS has experience with your existing EDI, AS2, and ERP systems to help achieve this integration. The time consuming and error prone WebForms go away.

DCS has extensive experience integrating high volume traffic to your EDI system. The key is to ensure the users’ existing procedures continue to be used. You will have to time scrutinize orders and you may get faster payment as a result.

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